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Agents Of Mercy: News

Genesis Revisited 2 & Nad Sylvan - January 30, 2013

Hey kids.

Here's the full Genesis Revisited Revelation  for 2013.

There may be more - but this is a good start.

See Steve Nad & Co.  belt out those old glorious tunes once more - just like it was 1973  again !

Not forgetting that the band will be taking Genesis Revisited II on the road this year (with more dates to be announced soon):

25-30 March  - Cruise To The Edge (with Yes, UK, Tangerine Dream, etc.) - Florida USA, Cayman Islands, Jamaica
01 April  - La Mirada, CA USA - CalProg at La Mirada Theater
03 April  - Baja California, Mexico - Baja Prog Festival at Teatro Del Estado
14 April  - Paris, France - La Trianon
15 April  - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
17 April  - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Paradiso
20 April  - Zurich, Switzerland - Kaufleuten
21 April  - Vienna, Austria - WUK
23 April  - Milan, Italy - Teatro Nuovo Ciak
24 April  - Vicenza, Italy - Teatro Comunale
27 April  - Bologna, Italy - Teatro Manzoni
29 April  - Leipzig, Germany - Haus Auensee
30 April  - Stuttgart, Germany - Theaterhaus
02 May  - Munich, Germany - Herkulessaal
03 May  - Mainz, Germany - Phönixhalle
05 May  - Oberhausen, Germany - Luise-Albertz-Halle
06 May  - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
10 May  - London, UK - Hammersmth Apollo
11 May  - Cardiff, UK - St. David's Hall
12 May  - Liverpool, UK - Philmarmonic
14 May  - Glasgow, UK - Royal Concert Hall
15 May  - Gateshead, UK - The Sage
16 May  - Birmingham, UK - Symphony Hall
18 May  - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street
21 May - Bergen - Norway- Ricks Theatre
22 May - Oslo - Norway - Sentrum Scene
23 May - Copenhagen - Denmark - Amager Bio
24 May - Stockholm - Sweden - Nalen

27 September - Westbury NY - NYCB Theatre
28 September - Connecticut - Ridgefield Playhouse
3 October - Montreal QC - Place Des Arts Theatre Maisonneuve
4 October - Quebec QC - Grand Theatre Du Quebec
5 October - Gatineau QC - Le Casino Du Lac Leamy
6 October - Belleville ON - Empire Theatre
9 October Oakville ON - Oakville Centre For Performing Arts
11 and 12 October - Philadelphia - Keswick Theatre

22 October - Birmingham - Symphony Hall
23 October - Bristol - Colston Hall
24 October - London - Royal ALbert Hall
26 October - Manchester - 02 Apollo
27 October - Newcastle - City Hall
29 October - Liverpool - Philharmonic
30 October - Sheffield - City Hall
1 November - Cambridge - Corn Exchange

For full ticket details and the latest news on extra shows be sure to check the hackettsongs website regularly.

In the meantime - make sure to visit  the  Prog Super Session 2013 with The Flower Kings- Neal Morse & Mike Portnoy.      Tickets at :  


Genesis & Flowers 2012 - October 29, 2012

It's  autumn...already ....

Sorry to be VERY slow on updates.

Good thing is - we've been busy. 

Even better - we've been busy with music,

As some of you know, the mighty FLOWERKINGS have  revived the flowery monster and  put it to worx in a city near you.    "The Banks Of Eden"  tour is working it's way thu the Transylvanian  mountains, lowlands of Budapest, the green and pleasant land of Scots and Brits, the even lower land of the Dutch, The holy land of Lord Jesus ..... and now the Russian and Japanese are just trembling in anticipation to hear the first hit of the Moog Taurus pedal. 

And we've been lucky  and we've had fun and music sounds better than ever.

Our dark lord Nad  Sylvan on the other hand, have lent his vocal cords to Genesis knight of the guitars, Lord Hackett  and the result is a beautiful new double album called  "Genesis Revisited 2" ...hey wait, I'm on it too, fighting the sinister and hungry hunky Hogweed.  Plenty of other well known and glorious progpreachers are on it too - Nik Kershaw, Neal Morse, Francis Dunnery, Simon Collins, Mikael Åkerfelt, Steven Wilson, Nick Beggs, John Wetton etc.

Next year Steve and Roger King will bring this circus to town, and guess what ...the dark lord Sylvan will front on a few of the fact quite a few dressed in drag and perhaps a Brittish flag.  If it will be even close  to the album it will most certainly be as close as you will ever get to hearing the "real" Genesis with Peter Gabriel anno 1971-75. A time when Hogweeds and Lamias were swirming the acidic brains of young progsters and our little sinister sister did not fear  the funk of "We can't dance".

'Cause we can all dance to  Apocalypse in 9/8.  

See there .....  we're no slackers.

But anyhow - try get to one or both of our  last few shows of this year - Agents Of Mercy will return ..We'll meet again - .don't know where,  don't know when.

Greetings- Pale Rider. Oct 29th 2012.

NOW - Stockholm next - Bryggarsalen Thursday Nov 1st.
THE FLOWER KINGS Don't wait - Just a few tickets left - See Royalty of PROG.

Agents report of July 28th anno 2012 - July 28, 2012

July  28th 2012.      True - We're still alive and kickin' -  we're just in another realm -

While The Flower Kings train is slowly revving up for a glorious European tour starting in September  (see: and our frontman Dr Sylvan is busy sprinkle som d'Agent dust over the upcoming  Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited 2  album - with tours to follow - and our insane scientist of the keyboards Lalle Larsson is  deeply sunk into the swamps of  "Weaveworld  Three" - and our drummer Wall "E" the Viking is busy recording music for a new mindbending videogame ..... wait ...we're all busy.      Anywhow ....our thoughts linger....our alter egos are lurking and we mine in blood sweat and teargas sinister plans for a return swiftly to capture the throne of all things PROG.   Or a 4th album  - our definite breakthru as the stars told in ancient times .   Just sit tight - and  meanwhile you can  enjoy both the Hackett Genesis album with both Nad and Roine contributions alongside Mikael Åkerfelt, John Wetton, Steven Wilson, Nik Kershaw, Nick Beggs, John Hackett, Amanda Lehman, Neal Morse etc.  - or the glorious return of the Flower Kings- on record or even better in live flesh.  

Stay murky.

Dr Pale Rider.

AOM live in the USA - April 17, 2012

Only chance to see Agents Of Mercy live in the USA this year on May 6th - The Majestic Theater in Gettysburgh PA.

Rosfest 2012 -

Be sure to catch the band in their headline spot at Rosfest - playing the latest


Dark powerful symphonic rock with a bizarre frontman  backed by some of the genres' finest



Get your records signed by these glorious otherworldly Icons.


Happy New Years News - January 5, 2012

New Year - New times - New projects.

As this 2012  carefully  start unfolding  a few exciting related projects, we would like to thank any and all of you who put your trust in AoM  and who dared enter  "The Black Forest".

We've spent last months  reviewing all the fabulous reviews from around the world of the album and it's very uplifting and it will surely help our little egos as, we start writing for next album sometime during 2012. 

In May (6th) we head over to the USA for a festival gig at Rosfest PA, USA.  What else lies waiting  for 2012  in AoM land ?   well, we don't know yet, but  surely we  won't rest.  New music will be written and demos exchanged, cunning plans will be made and  engraved in rocks of the dark and cold mines of  middle earth.  

In the meantime - have a look around the spiders cyber web and you will find plenty of  "Best of the year 2011"  list all over the place.  So if you have the time and if you carry with you an undying love for our little enterprise called Agents Of Mercy ,why not go vote for your favourite combo.  In realty it doesn't mean anything  but in the superficial world of prog stardom it means that IF you vote for us, chances are that we will be famous enough to grace your community or village with a concert and furthermore, that we can continue to write and record your favourite music and take you deeper into the forest, to places you've never seen or heard of before.          Thanx   The Duke of Badass.

New album - New Tour - September 7, 2011

Time has come to announce the birth of a new AGENTS OF MERCY album.
The 3rd studio-album is called "The Black Forest" and is what some may call a "concept album",
one mega tune of 56 minutes prog bliss -  but cut into separate slices, to digest easier.

Pre order here:

Now you've heard that "concept" term a million times - 'cause it's PROG, but here  it is,

"The Black Forest" is a surreal journey -  a mysteriously glowing metaphor for a trip thru  dark, disturbing, scary times, a lifelong uncertain journey bookended by greed, lust, hunger for power & money, eternal life, mindcontrol,

- and guess what? .....we're the prey !!

We navigate thru dark dreams of the immortal, dark waters, eerie topics hinting at death & dreams, forest ghosts, blood countess Elzbeth Bathory's life, a freak parade of monstruosity galore, a quiet tidy town with hidden horrors, the touring circus of freaks, dark realms of endless wars and lost kingdoms, the unwanted darktowns of our minds ......... fun stuff eh ?

We laid down the basic tracks on 24 ch. analogue tape in a lovely studio in the middle of Sweden's countryside,
in April, a place called Varnhem ( very dark age ! ) - the studio is a top notch, super hi tech,  newly built
million dollar  sanctuary for idiots like us - and to our ears it sounds bigger than pure digital, modern  but yet fat analogue.

The music this time  is a more rock oriented path we've taken, for good reasons - we are a R&R band at the core, but we sprinkle bits of  symphonic,ethno, jazz,medival and folk.
Guitars and drums have moved forward in the soundscapes but the gnarly moogs and mellotrons are still present, this time a bit more haunting and angular.
The tunes are longer and more elaborated (prog) but sometimes with a ironfist of raw power riffage that resemble Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,Led Zeppelin or early King Crimson rather than Yes or Genesis.
Don't fret - in this 56 min journey  there is plenty of symphonic bombasm too - in fact  we think there is even more than on previous albums, so you'll get your fix of that ol' tron, moog  & taurusbass.

Album traxlist:
The Black Forest
A Quiet Little Town
Black Sunday
Between Sun & Moon
Freak Of Life
Kingdom Of Heaven

Comes in Digipak and release is Sept 20th.

Same lineup - more power - more detail - more ready to move you all in a live setting.
.....and there is already a small tour of selected shows in Europe.

Hear us and experience the power of the Agency LIVE !

Nad Sylvan- Lead Vocals & keys

Roine Stolt-Guitars  & Vocal

Lalle Larsson-Keyboards & Vocal

Jonas Reingold- Bass & Basspedals

Walle Wahlgren- Drums & Percussion


September 20th, 2011- Colos Saal
Aschaffenburg - Germany

September 21st, 2011- Galery Music Bar
Pratteln - Switzerland

September 24th, 2011- De Boerderij
Agents Of Mercy + Sky Architect
Zoetermeer -  Holland

September 28th, 2011 - The Tivoli  /Cirkus
AoM + Goliath & The Giants
Helsingborg - Sweden

September 30th, 2011-  Chevy's Rock Bar
Agents Of Mercy + Terraex
Stavanger - Norway

Saturday, October 1st, 2011- Elm Street Cafe
AoM + Fatal Fusion
Oslo - Norway

Saturday, November 26th, 2011- Bryggarsalen- "Sweden ProgFest 2011"
Stockholm - Sweden
Agents Of Mercy - Gösta Berlings Saga, Costes Cosmos,
Promise & The Monster, Gitarrsynthkvartetten.!/event.php?eid=269262613093728

See all  Tourdates@:
Learn more :

New Album unfolds. "The Black Forest" - August 26, 2011

Howdy you faithful troopers!

Yes, the time has come to announce the birth of a new album by AGENTS OF MERCY.
The album is called "The Black Forest" and is what some may call a "concept album" .

Now you've heard that term a million times - 'cause it's PROG. However it is safe to say that this is IT - the album concept dealing with that big dark and scary forest - but not about trolls and dragons. "The Black Forest" is a surreal journey - a metaphor for a trip thru  very dark disturbing and likewise scary times, where we set out on a lifelong journey knowing of all the scary encounters lurking out there. Greed, lust, hunger for power, money, eternal life, mindcontrol and guess what .....we're the prey !!
The world is a beautiful place but also very turbulent times lies ahead - beware - be strong !
(btw. Love is the only answer !)

The music is a more rock oriented path we've taken , for good reasons - we are a R&R band at the core but we like symphonic music,jazz and folk or whatever tickle our fancy at the time.
The tunes are longer and more elaborated (prog) but sometimes with a ironfist of raw power.

Same lineup - more power - more detail - more ready to move you all in a live setting.

As the tunes and mixes line up it is likely we end up with a bundle that contain songs like :
The Black Forest
My Elegy
A Quiet Little Town
Black Sunday
Freak Of Life
Carry You Home
Bleeding By The Roadside
The Seeds Of Success

Just wrapping up mix and with great confidence I can say this album will go off with a BANG !
- convert the unconvertible, exalt the unexalted, bring more joy to the joyous, bring dreams to the dreamless,power to the people - salute the summits and implode the bored and lost lovers of music in the shire.

The saga is HERE and it is REAL!!

Pre sales start end of month .(Aug)

and there is already a small tour of selected shows in Europe.

See  Tourdates.

more details later

New Album in Sept - July 24, 2011


We're hard at work on the new album (possibly titled  "Architects Of Doom" )
and it's great fun - furthermore we think it's a great collection of songs.
We laid down the basic tracks in a lovely studio in the middle of Sweden countryside
a place called Varnhem - and the studio is a top notch  super hi tech  newly built
million dollar  playhouse for idiots like us .
For those of you who heard us in the USA in May knows the tune "Black Forest"
that we played - and that's the stylistic path we're going - but also in a more hard
rock & funk path ......that's what we do these days ...
Don't fret - there is plenty of symphonic bombasm - we think there is more than on
previos'll get your fix of that ol' tron & taurusbass.

Conceptual ....hmmm..maybe, maybe not ..... looks like a 22 min epic anyway ......from where "Black Forest" saw it's origin - Dark dreams of the immortal .....Dark Waters
Other tempting and elusive titles scramble the album corridoors .......
Freak Of Life
A Quiet Little Town
My Elegy
Walking On The Moon
Blood Romancing

We navigate thru eerie topics hinting at Elzbeth Bathory's life, a freak parade of monstruosity galore
and horror, death & dreams , ghosts, a pleasant town with hidden horrors, dark realms of war and lost kingdoms, the unknown in general ......... fun stuff......... a bit dark perhaps but with a good spirit.
Guitars and Drums have moved forward in the soundscapes but the gnarly moog and mellotron is still present, this time a bit more haunting and angular.

Anyway enough of talk - music speaks for itself.
Be ready by early Sept .

the AOM team

Keep your eyes on this space cause there will be news and advice for
pre-orders very soon.

bye for now.   

AOM shows coming your way !!! - March 4, 2011

Shows coming your way !!!  2011


New Year & album ahead - January 1, 2011

Happy Days  ahead, most certainly -
 for all of us - for all of 2011.

The universe will provide as they say and I know in the big picture we may be insignificant
but still I look forward to help give birth to a few new  music products in near future.
Most significant for you the AOM fans -  writing on new AOM, hoping to fill that stocking with all the goodies YOU expect and WE love.

We look at  getting in that insanely cool studio around  early April, hopfully spend 10-14 days there and leave with a recording that is close to ready for mix. So if God and the weather permit we may have a new AOM ready before summer.

Our aim is to see if new technology and old time genuine musicianship marry in this new album, not changing the fundamentals and melodics of AOM that was, but see if we can take it into 2011 with a few more power strokes and more room for all bandmembers to shine, more fireworks, more drama.

If you still don't have DRAMARAMA - go get it and give it some time - you'll be rewarded.
Go get a Happy 2011.

Roine & AOM.

Plans on new Album 2011 - December 2, 2010

December 2nd  ,

Sitting here writing and going thru the  vastly insane  library of songs composed over the years hoping to find bits and pieces for the planned new AGENTS OF MERCY album -  due spring 2011, if God and the weather permit.

Both Nad and myself are in a writing cocoon right now - uttering words of obscurity over 13/8 and drapes of mellotron in abundance - cause it's PROG.

We just scribble down any old silly  idea we can come up with - you knew that ? after all we aim at being the most outrageously insane  prog band in history......not good but silly-good.

We've found a brand new fabulous studio in the countryside - otherworldly cool. btw. they have both trees and birds - but not IN the studio - so no Topographic session antics, unfortunately.

Anyway seriously - new songs coming along at a nice pace.


Have a great Holday Season - and please remember it is NOT  a season in honor of business-men  or for the tradition itself - it is a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ -  who's wisdom and words are needed more than ever in a world gone hollow and shallow.

Peace must prevail - defend your prog !

Celebrate you all

- the truth is within reach - it all starts here.


We're on iTunes !!! - November 10, 2010

Yes - finally you can download  the new album DRAMARAMA
from iTunes.      .


Easy Peacy -  get the new smokin' tunes on to your phone
laptop or ipod.

We work on getting  "The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight" on iTunes soon too .

enjoy .

The Agents team .

Agents @ Work !! - November 8, 2010

Howdy hoop.

Think we're a little  silent !!?

We're  in a  rut of shipping pre ordered CD's, doing interviews,negotiating with shops,and promotors,doing interviews,soldering new pickups, mixing a secret live album/DVD, some boring paperworks......

and generally overlooking our AOM presence on the www.

We're present at CDbaby - both albums are available as download or regular hardware CD's.


In a not too distant future you will be able to download  "Dramarama" from iTunes,as  we're setting up all

possible accounts to make it easy for you to hear/buy our music.

Besides that we're keeping busy with a myriad of projects and works , later to be revealed.

In the case of Nad and myself we're starting to work on new material already, knowing it all takes time.

In a perfect world we look at a new release around late spring 2011.

Yes, we are inspired, not only by nature, but also by the very fine reception  of Dramarama

up until now and we do intend to outdo ourselves on next album.

Roine (nov 8th )

PreView Tunes from new album !!! - October 28, 2010

NEWS - October 26, 2010

Agents Of Mercy - are back with a new full on studio album titled "DramaRama". In it's true retro-spirit it is rehearsed and recorded "live" in Varispeed Studios in Sweden, with very few overdubs. 12 songs written by guitarist Roine Stolt & singer Nad Sylvan - the concept was "to find the roots of our inspiration and the sounds we love" so there's the obvious late 60's and early 70's feel.

12 titles that focus more on melody, storytelling and drama than technical delivery - not withstanding the fact that the band house some of the most skilled hi - profile musicians in the present prog scene.

Huge rumble and swoosh from drums, fuzzy grinding & thunder bass, gnarly Wurlizer piano,stereophonic Hammond swirls and adventurous moog ornaments, Telecaster twang and burning vintage Voxtubes - all there to support our swinging drama-delic 60's tripback.

"Plenty of symphonic rewards for the diehard fans of TFK or Transatlantic style prog - closer to Retropolis than Rainmaker - but yet more scaled down happy classic rock, glam & pop too". Borrows from theatrical rock - to film noir - from the oddity of Bowie - to the energy Mahavishnu Orchestra. The new album is a big leap towards a more complete classic (prog)rock band feel - where the 1st album stayed firmly in very pastel and mellow contemplating but yet demanding modes.

"DramaRama" is an independent release from Stolt's own label, designed to operate freely and adapt in this new dawn of recorded music - so buy it and support more new adventurous recordings from this team.

The band consist of:
Nad Sylvan (Unifaun) VOCAL & KEYBOARDS
Roine Stolt (Transatlantic, Flowerkings) GUITARS
Jonas Reingold (Flowerkings, Karmakanic) BASS
Lalle Larsson ( Weaveworld, Karmakanic) KEYBOARDS
Walle Wahlgren - DRUMS

The Duke of Sadness
Last Few Grains of Hope
Peace United
Meet Johnnie Walker
Cinnamon Tree
The Ballad of Mary Chilton
Roger the Tailor
We Have Been Freed

Running time: 72 minutes
Comes in nice digipak - Artwork by Silas Toball (again)

Label: Foxtrot Records.

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