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Agents Of Mercy: Blogorama

In the land of Genesis & Flowers

Posted on October 29, 2012 with 1878 comments
It's  autumn...already ....
Sorry to be VEEEERY slow on updates.
Good thing is - we've been busy. 
Even better - we've been busy with music,
As some of you know, the mighty FLOWERKINGS have  revived the flowery monster and  put it to worx in a city near you.    "The Banks Of Eden"  tour is working it's way thu the Transylvanian  mountains, lowlands of Budapest, the green and pleasant land of Scots and Brits, the even lower land of the Dutch, The holy land of Lord Jesus ..... and now the Russian and Japanese are just trembling in anticipation to hear the first hit of the Moog Taurus pedal. 
And we've been lucky  and we've had fun and music sounds better than ever.
Our dark lord Nad  Sylvan on the other hand, have lent his vocal cords to Genesis knight of the guitars, Lord Hackett  and the result is a beautiful new double album called  "Genesis Revisited 2" ...hey wait, I'm on it too, fighting the sinister and hungry hunky [...]
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Still kickin'

Posted on July 28, 2012 with 2204 comments
July  28th 2012.      True - We're still alive and kickin' -  we're just in another realm -
While The Flower Kings train is slowly revving up for a glorious European tour starting in September  (see: and our frontman Dr Sylvan is busy sprinkle som d'Agent dust over the upcoming  Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited 2  album - with tours to follow - and our insane scientist of the keyboards Lalle Larsson is  deeply sunk into the swamps of  "Weaveworld  Three" - and our drummer Wall "E" the Viking is busy recording music for a new mindbending videogame ..... wait ...we're all busy.      Anywhow ....our thoughts linger....our alter egos are lurking and we mine in blood sweat and teargas sinister plans for a return swiftly to capture the throne of all things PROG.   Or a 4th album  - our definite breakthru as the stars told in ancient times .   Just sit tight - [...]
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Enter the citadel -  join the feast.

hear the gossip :

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Shows coming your way !!! May 2011
Tickets on sale NOW!

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Posted on January 1, 2011 with 2421 comments
Happy Days  ahead, most certainly -We can all pull together and make them happy -all of the 364 - for all of us - for all of 2011.Much music & much love - much friendship & support - keep your focus on FUN.Even yesterday my most significant contribution to the day was a bit of writing, editing,"trimming the fat" of a symphonic piece I've been mulling for some time.Other than that......I was a bit "elsewhere" with flu, but not in bed, still celebrating,a dinner with friends and even with a glass of real champagne at midnight.The universe will provide as they say and I know in the big picture we may be insignificantbut still I look forward to help give birth to a few new  music products in near future.Hopefully 2011 - besides the symphonic piece - writing on new AOM, helping mixing thecoming official bootleg DVD  from TFK tour 2007 with Pat Mastelotto on drums  and who knows2011 may even see a new TFK album or at least work on  such a piece.Besides that  [...]
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